Most insulation will lose its thermal efficiency after 20 to 30 years of age. If you have really old insulation that has been there for quite some time or is rodent infested, we can help you remove that old, dirty and contaminated insulation. Rodent’s dropping can create bacteria and viruses which is a hazard to your health.

Not only will the rats leave droppings, they can also urinate on the insulation. This will leave a bad odor in the attic and may cause human illness. Getting rid of the old and installing new insulation will leave the home properly insulated for years to come and makes it a healthier place to live in. It can also prevent you from using the attic space as storage because of the filth.

Sometimes there is no need to remove the insulation. For example: the insulation is not contaminated or it is fairly new and has not lost its R value. We will let the customer know that the insulation he or she has up in the attic is still in good condition so there would be no reason to remove it. We deal with each situation on an individual basis.

Whether it’s loose or roll insulation that needs to be removed, we have the specialized equipment and a professional staff to perform the job. The work area will be covered to protect the floor and furniture. Although we do a really great job in preventing any of the old insulation particles from coming into your home, we always like to cover the work area as an extra precaution so you will have nothing to worry about. We can also provide sanitation after the insulation has been removed for an extra small fee. This service will help kill any bacteria, viruses and germs left behind from the old contaminated insulation. It will also kill the odor leaving your attic smelling fresh and clean. Just give us a call and we can go over the different services that we provide and of course, the inspection and estimate is at no cost to you.